Taking a leap of faith

19th November 2016

Well, I have taken I leap of faith, listened to my heart, done a lot of soul searching and talking to those that guide me in life and decided to ditch the day job and teach more Yoga!  I enjoy my Monday and Wednesday evening classes so much – it’s an amazing experience teaching what I love and (hopefully) helping others.

Over the years I have been self centred, eaten up by anxiety and neurosis.  Attending Yoga classes helped me to regain some sort of sanity, but it was learning to incorporate it into my daily life that really helped me turn a corner.  That is what a teacher aims to do and I hope that my students get that from me.

So a big leap in January from 2 classes per week to 7.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far and welcome aboard new students, new experiences, new challenges ….. life at its best!

Love and light to all of you.

Om Shanti